Zhuoshi Enhances Backgrounds - Shortest Way to Oversea Studies Achievement
The Six Dimensional Background Model
Zhuoshi Group has in mainland China the most authoritative, most professional platform for planning and conducting background enhancements. Every year, thousands of students pass through the platform to enhance their abroad studies plans; therefore, a great deal of experience and cases have been accumulated in the field of background enhancement. Looking through the universities admission policies, after a student submits his/her application, it is analyzed through a six dimensional background model (CLASIC model).
The “Classic” model evaluates these six dimensions of students' background experience and then the student receives the “CLASIC” score. Meanwhile, based on Zhuoshi Group’s students’ college admission data base, Zhuoshi is undergoing different analysis on students requirements with parameters of the CLASIC model. As a result, a reference standard is expressed upon different disciplines. Students can compare themselves with the CLASIC standard score, and can make a more reasonable plan for different extracurricular activities, in their own school, to enhance their background.

Zhuoshi Group, in accordance with top universities requirements, for different popular subjects, helps students’ applications with a background enhancement plan.Passing three directions of abilities, professionalism and extracurricular activities, student can establish his 6 dimensional core literacy growth model. In this way students can apply for a university in accordance to its requirements and its characteristics. They can choose from the Zhuoshi Group’s educational platform the right programs or activities for their background enhancement. In these programs & activities students can learn in a reasonable way how to allocate and plan their time / energy / finances. Zhuoshi Group boosts students’ chance for an admission in a top foreign university.

Our platform covers three university disciplines:
National & Regional Competitions, School Competitions
National Competitions and National Summits
International Competitions, FBLA, DECA
Online Business Competitions
Model United Nations
International Volunteer Work
Technology and Intelligence
Research Program
Animal Protection
Environmental Protection
    · Ivy League Investments
    · Chinese Supreme Platform for Studying Abroad
    · The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China
    · Conducting 14 MicroBiz! Business Competition Summits
    · Business Education Boost for over 40 000 students
    · The first official partner in China of FBLA & DECA competitions
    · United Nations International Youth Volunteer Collaborator
    · World Class MUN Training Institution
    · Students’ “CLASIC” model
    · Zhuoshi & over 800 Chinese schools’ joint effort
    · Institute for Advanced Research Eminence
    · National Youth Popular Science Education Base – Electronics & Information Technology” Honor recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China
    10000 students
    MicroBiz! International Future Business Leaders’ Summit, since 2011, has hold more than 14 sessions, covering more than 800 of key schools in China; with a total of over 7500 students participating in the competition.
    900 students
    Southeast Asia / Africa International Youth Volunteers from 2015 More than 30 groups of students; More than 900 students participated as volunteers;
    Extracurricular activities covering 5 continents worldwide; 14 countries, 24 cities.
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